Hello! My name is Dan Nguyen. I’m a fitness trainer who specializes in the mental aspect of fitness training. Like many others, I can teach you how to exercise your body in order to lose weight, but my training goes a little deeper than the surface. My programs incorporate mental focus, self-control, and discipline into a daily regime of diet and exercise. This technique will teach you to look at your body and mind as a tandem, working together for long lasting results.

Speaking from experience, I know that being in poor health can be frustrating. Not only does it involve extra weight, but it can have adverse effects on all aspects of your life.

If you’re like the many people who can’t find the motivation to follow through with a program, know that you’re not alone. In fact, most people give up on their fitness and healthy eating rituals before they ever start seeing results. If this sounds like you, I can help!

By utilizing mental focus, I’ve managed to overcome these same obstacles and stay fit for over 20 years. Now you can, too. Achieving optimal health is within reach, and my system is meant to make the process easier to give you better, longer lasting results.


For some people, growing up a skinny kid is not fun at all. Turning into a fat teenager makes it even worse. Being on both ends of the spectrum is nothing new to Dan Nguyen, fitness behavior expert and creator of Absin8. As a child, Dan had to endure the personal, psychological, physical and social effects of being unfit and unhealthy. From the time he was a young boy until his pre-teens, Dan was extremely skinny with a visible ribcage. His struggles did not end when he reached his teens, however. As a teenager, he gained enough weight to earn the nickname "Buddha Belly". Tired of the teasing and the health implications of his condition, Dan took focused steps to turn himself around and improve not just his appearance but also his attitude.

The marriage of body and mind is the embodiment of Dan's philosophy and approach to fitness. Dan Nguyen is a fitness behavior expert who uses a holistic approach to achieve health and fitness goals. Inspired by his own experience and what he saw in others, Dan decided to create a unique program that combines a no-nonsense diet and exercise regimen with mental and emotional development. Dan specializes in helping people understand how the mind and the body work in tandem to achieve optimal, long-lasting results.

His system teaches the best methods on how to incorporate mental focus, control and discipline to one's daily exercise and diet regimen. "Exercise your mind, to make your body fit", says Dan. "If you use the power of your mind to take charge of your body, you can achieve anything. With this system, you can say goodbye to yo-yo dieting and fitness procrastination and say hello to a whole new way of living and loving yourself." All a person has to do is make the conscious choice and take the challenge of allowing the body and mind to work together for optimum health.