Fitness & Mindset Training

Teach your body and your mind to work together toward the best shape of your life!

My fitness system utilizes mental focus, self-control, and discipline into a daily regimen of diet and exercise. This not just helps you to lose weight, but also to keep it from creeping back.

Choose Your Level

Each of my training packages implement a combination of physical and mental training sessions. Take your pick from three packages best-suited to your needs and commitment.

Silver Level

This is an introductory package for those curious about the fitness mindset philosophy. This crash course is designed to get your feet wet with body-and-mind training while getting you on track to achieving your desired fitness goals.


What You Get
  • Weekly 45-minute physical training sessions with a certified personal trainer (4 sessions per month)
  • Monthly 60-minute mental training sessions. During these sessions with me, we will set realistic goals, develop an understanding of how to achieve them, and concentrate on mental reframing and focus improvement techniques.

Gold Level

This package is for those who are more prepared to commit to a fitness regimen. This package contains twice the amount of sessions as the Silver Level, and includes a more focused mental approach.


What You Get
  • Two 45-minute physical training sessions each week with a certified personal trainer (8 sessions per month)
  • Two 60-minute mental training sessions with me per month. Each hour-long session will help with fitness consistency and motivation. These will also help to further develop your mental focus towards your fitness goals.

Elite Level

This All-Inclusive package offering the highest level of personalized attention is for those who are serious about transforming their body and improving their overall health. This intensive 6-month program requires a level of commitment that will guarantee your path to lifelong fitness.


What You Get
  • Four exercise training sessions per week
  • One weekly mindset coaching conducted in person or via video conference to keep you on track
  • Custom pre-prepared meals catered to your specific health and dietary needs and delivered directly to your home
  • Plus monthly training sessions designed to help you let go of habits and behaviors that block your path to reaching your goals

Training Studio

My studio is located in sunny southern California. Come visit!
20657 Golden Springs Dr #103, Diamond Bar, CA 91765

What People Say

Dan and his deep wisdom of how the mind speaks to the body has been a total game-changer in my life.


I lost 25 lbs and reached my lightest weight since I was 18.


I came in to see Dan to lose weight so I can have healthy pregnancy. After his program, I lost 30 pounds and delivered my healthy baby girl. This is me now.


Weight gain, for many of us, is the symptom of greater struggle in our lives. If you are looking for long term change, then he is the coach for you.


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