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Hello! I'm Dan Nguyen, your personal fitness mindset coach.

I can train your body AND your mind to help you achieve your fitness goals, at your own pace and your own time, wherever you are in the world.

Change Your Mindset & Your Body for Good!


What's your motivation for wanting to lose weight? Over the years, I’ve heard them all. Things like:

“I want to stay healthy longer and give myself the best chance at fighting diseases.”

“I want a more active and exciting lifestyle.”

“I want to get healthy and start a family.”

“I want to look and feel better.”

“I’ve seen others lose weight and I know I can, too.”

But, something is stopping you. Have you said anything like these to yourself?

“I’ve tried it all, but nothing works for me.”

“This is my body, and I need to accept it.”

“I’ve seen others do it, but losing weight is just not possible for me.”

“I’ve been like this since the beginning, it’s really not that bad.”


If you've gone through enough diets and exercise strategies with little to no results, or you do get to your target weight but don’t keep it, you know something HAS to change.

You need something that WORKS not just for now, but for the rest of your life.


If you don’t prepare the mind first, the body will never follow.


This is the crucial first step that nearly everyone misses. This is why, despite your past efforts, you slip back into your old habits. I believe that the key is to get rid of emotional baggage and limiting beliefs before anything else. Only then can you achieve total body fitness.


With my proprietary Online Fitness Mindset Coaching Program, I can guide you through the process of changing your mindset, so you can change  habits and behaviors that affect your health. 


My program incorporates mental focus, self-control and discipline into a daily regimen of diet and exercise. It teaches you to look at your body and mind as a tandem, working together to produce long lasting results.

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What You Get

One-on-one Weekly Coaching Call

We begin with tapping into the power of your mind to rid you of unwanted habits that keep you from getting fit. This core belief guides my wellness programs, and is one that I myself have acquired in my own lifestyle. Once a week, we talk - just you and me.

Weekly 1-Hour Group Coaching Call

Once a week, you will join others who share the same mindset in a 60-minute coaching call with me. This helps you remember that you are NOT alone --- we're in this together!

Personalized Exercise Videos & Hypnosis Audio

Access exercise videos tailor-fit to your current fitness level and goals anytime, anywhere. Plus, join in on live video training where you can follow along and ask questions as you go.

Private Support Group in Facebook

Join others like you on the same path to fitness. See how your own private support group in Facebook can help you stay motivated and stay on track in your journey to wellness.

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What Makes This Different


With a program available online 24/7, you can access the right tools in your customized program any time you need them, wherever you are in the world.

Mindset Coaching

My emphasis on the proper fitness mindset ensures your continuous progress and helps you stay motivated. With mindset techniques that identify barriers to your wellness habits, you can overcome these mental blocks to help give you a smooth-sailing journey to your fitness goals.



Because you will be working with me directly, your fitness program will be suited very specifically for your fitness needs.



My online coaching program requires a lifestyle change that needs to be sustained, much unlike fad-diets and pill crazes. With my fitness mindset coaching, however, I will make sure to equip you with the proper tools to help you not just get fit, but STAY fit.

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What People Say

Dan and his deep wisdom of how the mind speaks to the body has been a total game-changer in my life.


I lost 25 lbs and reached my lightest weight since I was 18.


I came in to see Dan to lose weight so I can have healthy pregnancy. After his program, I lost 30 pounds and delivered my healthy baby girl. This is me now.


Weight gain, for many of us, is the symptom of greater struggle in our lives. If you are looking for long term change, then he is the coach for you.


Imagine how you will feel once you reach your ultimate wellness goal.

Make it happen.

I'd love to meet the new, healthier you!

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