Phil is radio producer who came in to become more fit and to eat a healthier diet.

Cenia, a busy professional, wanted to bring balance and motivation into her life.

N. Rowan Richards, DC, DABCI, FIACA shared the following; "...a young woman with interstitial cystitis, as well as severe gut dysbiosis came to me for help. Her first statement to me was that she 'Couldn't take pills', which severely limited my ability to assist her. After a few sessions with you (Dan Nguyen), she is following her program and progressing very well." You can read Dr. Richard's letter in its entirety at the following link:

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I would like to express to you my appreciation of your professional abilities. The individual I referred to you benefitted from your ability to empower him. Your skill to synthesize your process is both helpful to our patients as well as the professional community. I would continue to refer to you when appropriate and thank you for your work.
Harry Shuster MA, MFT - Shuster Family Counseling Services.
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I would like to first of all thank you for introducing me to the field of Neuro-Linguistic Programming and hypnotherapy. With the populations interest in alternative medicine increasing, I believe it is even more appropriate.
Dr. Cheong H. Yang - Acupuncture Plus.
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Finally, I met the answer to my prayers. Dan seemed to know right away that I would be a very special case which would require a loving and sincere approach which I was blessed he was able to give to me. He then started to tell me about his health and wellness program he had developing and was hoping I would be interested in trying it. He said I would lose all of my emotional baggage which he suspected of being the underlying issue to all of my problems.
Maria Kesler
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If you listen and learn, and commit yourself to changing the way you think and react to things, he can show YOU how to totally change your own life. Dan is NOT "another personal trainer", and his 4 sessions are not just for those who want to lose weight. His work is about unlocking the power of the mind to accomplish whatever it is you want to achieve. Living a healthy lifestyle is the foundation to a balanced life, and Dan can show you how to get there, and stay there. Trust him to show you how to trust and believe in yourself. Worked for me!
Jim Skelly - Alhambra

I just completed my 4 week sessions with Dan. He is the consummate professional. I went in to challenge my belief that exercise was a chore and not a pleasant experience. I was completely put at ease with his genuine care for his patients. We focused on weight lose and exercise. After 4 sessions, I have lost 9 pounds but more importantly have a new attitude towards good food choices as well as actually enjoying exercise. I highly recommend his practice - it was worth every penny. I now have the tools to make a dramatic difference in my life.
Charlotte - West Covina, CA

Dan Nguyen is a very professional and kind person who explains his process and philosophy in detail. I have spent years purchasing thousand of dollars of supplements trying to work from the outside in. Dan teaches you how to spend more time on the inside and everything will fall into place. There is no high pressure sell here......it is all genuine. Thank you Dan for your time and knowledge.
Suzzane S-Lakewood, CA

The experience I had at this boot camp was powerful on many levels. You really don't know what you can do until you put your mind to it. This session actually showed me that and much more. Dan was very professional and detail oriented with his system and explaining how everything works. Let him unlock your minds potential. All in all, I had very good experience and plan on seeing him in the future to help me in other areas.
Wanda W-Glendora, CA